Prem-I-Air Advanced Compact Series Dehumidifier Review

Prem-I-Air Advanced Compact Series

All air is not equal. Some air is humid; with an excessive amount of moisture. Such air can cause problems, at least it when it is inside your home growing stale. Mold thrives in dark places where the air is over moist and the bad thing is, mold not only introduces an unpleasant musty smell to your home, but can cause health problems, for some people, as well.

Mold likes to crawl along baseboards or spread out like an intricate web under your best carpet. It can however be stopped in its tracks, which is good news. Extracting the excess moisture from the air inside your home is the best way to prevent mold from growing – and dampness from curling the edges of your book pages too. The humble dehumidifier does an exemplary job of extracting water from air. And here we take a look at the Prem-I-Air Advanced Compact Series Dehumidifier which does a better job than most.

Whilst the name Prem-i-air might be new to us in the UK, they long have a history in the US dehumidifier market. Let’s take a look at their offering and see why…


The Prem-I-Air is compact; you can easily carry it from room to room in your home, placing it exactly where it is needed, when needed. The earlier generations of dehumidifiers were quite bulky and tended to be left in one place, to save their owner the difficulty of lugging them around though we’ve came a long way since those days and most models are easy enough to move and this one is no different.


The Prem-I-Air can extract up to 12 liters of water from the air in your home every day. This number stands up well to comparable products of similar size. If you imagine pouring 12 liters of milk into your kitchen sink, you’ll get a vivid image of just how much water that is.

Easy to use

Prem-I-Air AdvancedThe Prem-I-Air is easy to use; you just push the power button and the device begins to extract the unwanted moisture from the air. Ridiculously easy! A bright light shines when the water tank is full, letting you know that you need to empty it, and with a capacity of up to 1.5 liters, meaning that you are not always running about emptying said tank.


Quietness of operation is high on most peoples priorities. This is perfectly correct too. Imagine trying to enjoy a mystery novel or movie that has suspense and intrigue dripping off every page, grabbing an hour before the kids get home from school, but all you can hear is the dehumidifier, busy at its work. Surely you would unplug it? Of course you would and none could blame you. Hence the quietness of the Advanced Compact Series is an alluring characteristic for many.


Our homes reflect who we are, we work hard to make sure that they look as we want them to, so we don’t want to plunk an unsightly appliance on the floor, regardless of how much moisture it extracts from the air. Thankfully however the Prem-I-Air is stylish looking, in a way that is unobtrusive. It fades into the background, just as it should.


The Prem-I-Air is affordable; it is fairly priced, edging out many similar dehumidifiers in the market on a price/power ratio. The unit does not use up excessive amounts of electricity, making it fairly inexpensive to operate – a must for any dehumidifier these days.


Overall the Prem-I-Air Advanced Compact Series does its job as a dehumidifier. It is efficient in extracting moisture from the air, immediately reducing condensation on windows and leaving your rooms smelling fresh and cannot be beaten on price and features. When used regularly, it will maintain the humidity level in your home above the levels that would allow mold and other fungi to flourish.

It is a stylish, compact appliance; one that you will not visually object to in time  and it is priced highly competitively. The available evidence says that you would be highly satisfied with this dehumidifier, should you buy it.

You can see just how well the Prem-I-Air stacks up against other dehumidifiers on our comparison chart here.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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