Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E16V-E1 Review

Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E16V-E1

People turn to dehumidifiers to keep the moisture out of their home that can lead to mold and sickness. This is a common problem in most homes, which is why there are so many different dehumidifiers on the market for purchase. And of course if you are planning on purchasing a dehumidifier, you want to always shop around for the best prices and deals. Shopping for numbers is not the only research you need to do however, you also need to read both professional and consumer reviews to figure out if the product is right for your needs. The Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E16V-E1 is one of the more expensive dehumidifiers that are on the market so we where interested to see if it holds up to its price tag and evaluate its features, pros and cons.

Product Features

The Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E16V-E1 is capable of extracting up to sixteen liters per day, at the usual 80% relative humidity and 30°C room temperature which compares very well with other units. The product has been designed for simple use so that anyone can operate it and as such has a straight forward enough looking control panel. One thing you will notice immediately is that the product is built to be small in stature so it can simply sit against a wall and not be in the way, and is very sleek in looks. Bonus points there. The  MJ-E16V-E1 has a low temperature facility that will allow it to defrost itself when running in temperatures under 5°C which is great for us in the colder parts of the UK. As you may expect from the price, this model also collects dusts and other harmful things from the air through its filtering system before returning clean heated air into the room. Perhaps one of its novelty features is a think for itself mentality that only works when it is needed to help you save on your electric bill in the long run, as it turns itself on and off to maintain your desired humidity levels.


Some of the pros of the Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E16V-E1 have to do with the design of the product. Consumers love that the product is sleek and can easily fit against the wall and the design is also so simple to use and can operate at the push of only one button. Other areas it impressed in where how quiet the machine is when it operates and that is also operates as a dual function and can dry laundry. Many customers were impressed with its life cycle, which was reported for as high as seven years, which is almost unheard of in the dehumidifier world which perhaps justifies it’s price of nearly twice that of similar models. Customers were impressed by how well the user guide was laid out, making operating the  MJ-E16V simple to understand from the get go without using technical jargon or confusing diagrams.


We came across very few negatives with this product and one of the few we could find was that a customer complained that the unit did not remove enough water, which could indicate a malfunctioning machine as at 16 litres extraction rate this model can really shift the moisture. Other cons that other people had listed were minor but stated that these issues did not effect their overall love for this machine. Once customer complained that the bottom would fall off when the water was being changed, but it was simple to put back together and again could indicate “user error”.

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, it is hard not to say something good about this product, especially based on the reviews that this product already has. The Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E16V-E1 has several great features from simple operation, to ease of use and storage due to its sleek design. The product performed outstanding when removing moisture from homes and people love that it can also dry laundry. The product is quiet on operation and was known to last for a long time. There is nothing we can find wrong with it, other than perhaps the price tag.

People are raving over the Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E16V-E1, claiming that it is the best dehumidifier on the market. Well, when it comes to shopping for great products, results don’t lie. The Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E16V-E1 is a sturdy product that gets the job done, with very little complaints, which definitely brings it to the top of the market and is one of our highest rated reviews so far.

You can see just how well the MJ-E16V-E1 stacks up against other dehumidifiers on our comparison chart here.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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