Meaco 10L Dehumidifier Review

Meaco 10L Dehumidifier

It’s been a while but we’re back and we have a lovely little unit for you this time and just in time too with the terrible weather we’ve been experiencing lately in the UK people are increasingly using dehumidifiers to reduce the level of humidity in their home or flat. Excess humidity can not only lead to a variety of health issues but also causes excess condensation, mold and mildew, which can also have negative effects on a person’s health, especially people with breathing issues or allergies. As unpleasant as it may be, homes with high humidity levels are also more likely to have infestations of pests like fleas, cockroaches and dust mites.

There are many different styles of dehumidifier, along with a bevy of brands and models, which can make it difficult to know which one will work best in your home. With Meaco though we have one of our fave manufacturers, with a reputation for good honest products and perhaps more importantly, customer support. Here is a breakdown of some of the features of the Meaco 10L per day dehumidifier, which will help you make a more educated decision.

Features of the Meaco 10L Per Day Dehumidifier

Capacity: This Meaco model has a 10L per day capacity at 30 degrees C and 80% relative humidity. This is fairly standard for the industry, as most domestic dehumidifiers range in capacity from 7L to 12L per day under similar conditions.

Controls: It comes with energy saving humidistat control that is easy to use and has a variety of settings whether you are just trying to get condensation off of your windows or dry your clothing.

Filtration: This model comes with a dust filter, which is especially usefull for anyone suffering from asthma or allergies, as it helps to clean the air as the moisture is being removed from it.

Size and Weight: The Meaco 10L is lightweight and comes with a handle so it is easy to move from room to room. This makes it perfect for apartments and homes with less than four rooms, as it can be moved around to accommodate the needs of different spaces.

Additional Features: This Meaco dehumidifier features continuous drainage and also comes in a pleasant stylish design, so it will not stand out or be an eyesore in the home.

Pros and Cons

Pros: There are several distinct benefits to this particular model of dehumidifier, such as:

  • It is quiet. Most customers have noted that the Meaco 10L is very quiet for its size, with a max noise level of around 46dB which is similar to that of a quiet conversation in a room.
  • It is mobile. Customers like that it is small enough to move from room to room.
  • It is energy efficient. This is a very important benefit, as many people are concerned about their environmental impact. It features energy saving controls so that it doesn’t waste energy, even if you’re not at home.
  • Easy to operate. Most customers said that this model was very easy to use with plain and simple controls.
  • Meaco has great customer service. Customers that did have difficulties using this dehumidifier were able to get assistance from Meacos helpful customer service.

Cons: Although most customers rate this dehumidifier very highly not everything about this product is perfect, as some customers did have small complaints….

  • It is too noisy. Yes, what is quiet for some is noisy for others and some customers said that this model was too noisy when in dehumidifier mode. Although it is slightly louder when in this mode, it still falls well within what is considered normal for a 10L dehumidifier and in our own experience it’s certainly no louder than others.
  • It didn’t come with good instructions. Some customers were put off by the lack of instruction. However, even those that had trouble using the machine were able to call the manufacturer, who provided timely customer service. With so much information on the Internet, as well as a top-notch support team, instruction should not be an issue when you consider how simple the controls are. We’d recommend that if the unit is to be used by someone technically challenged then it might be a good idea to spend a few minutes walking them through the usage of the unit.

The Verdict

When it comes to a simple no thrills 10L per day dehumidifier, the Meaco model rates highly in all of the important areas. It has a large capacity, works efficiently and quietly, is mobile and easy to use and comes with great customer service. Definitely one for your shortlist!

You can see just how well the Meaco 10L stacks up against similar models over at our comparison chart here.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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