EcoAir Desiccant DD122FW Review

The EcoAir Desiccant DD122FW features simple controls

There are so many different options on the market, it can be difficult to tell which humidifiers are the good ones and which ones are perhaps not so good. Today we take a look at one of the good ones, the EcoAir Dessicant DD122FW, quite a mouthfull huh? The diligent amongst you may well have spotted by now that this unit is actually the little brother to the Mk5 Classis that we recently reviewed. Coming in cheaper than its big brother and with only marginally less features we though it worth taking a closer look at.

Features of the EcoAir DD122FW

The EcoAir DD122FW is very impressive when it comes to its features – producing seven litres of moisture per day at temperatures as low as one degree Celsius. The product looks out for your family with its filter that kills bacteria on contact, ensuring that you are getting pure and clean air circulating through the rooms in your home. Great for those of us who suffer from asthma or other allergies.

The DD122FW comes with two settings quiet and turbo. Quiet mode is perfect for use when sleeping or for sick children. The product runs smoothly, making little sound as possible, which can help ensure a good nights sleep. Turbo mode focuses more on speed, if you want to lower the moisture level in a room in a hurry then this is the setting for you, though it’s intended only for shorter periods of use. One the room has reached the desired level you should switch to quiet mode to let the unit keep the room at the desired humidity.

Lightweight and simple to use as you may expect from the guys and girls at EcoAir, it features a simple rotary control dial which is great for the older generation who aren’t too comfortable using  digital controls.


The ecoair full viewWater build up can be dangerous in the long run causing black mold that is harmful for the lungs. So any dehumidifier that works in removing water and humidity to prevent mold is definitely a pro and the EcoAir DD122FW certainly lives up in that area, albeit with a modest extraction rate.

Its quiet is quite astounding when you take into mind that this unit is already a desiccant model, meaning there is no noisy compressor or such that other dehumidifiers suffer from. For me this is great, as it allows the machine to run without disturbing day-to-day activities of users. Many compressed dehumidifiers tend to be noisy, so the relative quietness of the DD122FW counts as a huge plus.


The only cons that seem to be persistent in the DD122FW are that the heating element broke down on a couple of the users. Majority of these users turned in the warranty that comes with the product to have it replaced easily enough. However, some of the customers that described these downfalls still weren’t satisfied with the replacement after warranty.

One of the other cons about this product is it may have an effect on your electricity bill. Though this is to be expected when using a dehumidifier for extended periods of time, and the energy consumption of this particular model is no worse than similar products available in the UK.

It should also be noted that the units 7 litres per day extraction rate makes this unsuitable for the most demanding of humidities, it’s more than adequate for the average households use.


When looking at any product, you always want to keep in mind that everything is going to have at least one bad review, just like people, no product is perfect. Defective products slip into the markets everyday and you will always get a disgruntled user. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read the negative reviews; you just want to look for key elements that may effect your decisions.

Overall, the EcoAir Desiccant DD122FW is a very impressive product that has majority of its users jumping with joy. Whilst it doesn’t quite live up to its big brother the MK5 in terms of features, mostly due to lacking an ioniser and digital control panel. It should be noted that its usually a good £30 cheaper too so it really boils down to the question of if you can live without these two features. If you considering this unit for someone that could benefit from a cleaner air environment then I’d probably opt for the Mk5 with its ioniser. Otherwise, it’s a great little unit that should serve you very well.

Extraction Rate (Litres/Day)Tank Capacity (Litres)Anti FrostContinuous DrainagePriceRating
72Not Neededy£££4.4

You can see just how well the EcoAir DD122FW stacks up against other dehumidifiers on our comparison chart here.

4.4 / 5 stars     

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