Duracraft DD-TEC10E Dehumidifier Review

Duracraft DD-TEC10E

Perhaps you have you heard the question – what’s that odd smell? –too often in your home? Or maybe you have noticed your books and magazines are getting those strange curled-up ends. If so, you may have excessive moisture in the air of your home. Excessive moisture that can encourage fledgling fungi, such as mold, to multiply and flourish in the darker spaces. Spaces like those beneath carpets or behind baseboards or beyond ceiling tiles. However, you can fight back against this with a dehumidifier that can extract excess moisture from the air in your home, cutting off any fungal invasion at the proverbial pass.

There are a plethora of dehumidifiers on the market, some fabulous and some, well, not so fabulous. The Duracraft Dehumidifier fits squarely in the fabulous category. It is a smartly designed appliance, the kind of appliance that you don’t have to think about too much and comes from one of the bigger names in US air con, Duracraft. It just sits in the corner and quietly does it job. The adverb “quietly” is important here, as you do not want a loud dehumidifier any more than you want a refrigerator that hums loudly. Constantly. Annoyingly. So yes, quiet is good in the world of the dehumidifier.

So, what makes the Duracraft a must on the short list of anyone who is considering a new dehumidifier? Well, read on…

  • Let’s be superficial for a moment. The Duracraft Dehumidifier is a sleek looking beast for certain. However it is not an appliance that is all looks and no function. This is important because you really don’t want to prominently place an appliance that is, well, not so attractive, in the center of your room. Or in the corner. The Duracraft Dehumidifier blends in so well that you won’t even know it’s there.
  • DD-TEC10E Closeup ImageJust how much moisture do you want to take out of your air every day? Less than 10 litres? If so, the Duracraft Dehumidifier is totally up to the job and compares well with similar models on terms of extraction rate.
  • The water tank holds 2.9 litres of water, meaning that you don’t have to empty it too often. Which is a definite bonus for those who will be away from the property for extended periods of time.  For those bigger jobs, it can be hooked up to a drainage pipe for continuous use.
  • A neat feature is that you can see the Duracrafts water tank, so you can visually check how full it is. This is a handy feature, as you are walking by the dehumidifier going about your daily chores, you can immediately see if that 2.9 liter jug is full and deal with it. It will, by the way, shut off if the tank is full and you’ve forgotten about emptying the jug because no one wants to deal with a dehumidifier flood, of any size.
  • Human beings are curious. As your Duracraft begins to extract moisture from the air, and the water tank begins to fill up, you may wonder just how humid it is in your room. Well, you can satisfy your inner nerd with this product as it has a nifty digital display that will tell you precisely how humid it is. Nice.
  • If you believe that enough moisture has been taken from the air in one space and want to give another space its turn, castors let you move the Duracraft Dehumidifier easily from room to room, though we do suggest emptying the water tank first!

In summary, our review finds the Duracraft Dehumidifier has a lot to offer; it has all the basic features that you’d desire and more and stacks up very well against similar priced models. It passes the green test as well, saying no to CFCs which is always a good thing.

Extraction Rate (Litres/Day)Tank Capacity (Litres)Anti FrostContinuous DrainagePriceRating

You can see just how well the Duracraft stacks up against similar models over at our comparison chart here.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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