Dehumidifier Comparison Chart

The full dehumidifier comparison chart can be found below and contains details on the 28 most popular models available in the UK for your to compare features. You may click on the top of each column to sort the table as you wish, and each term is described in detail in the following legend…

  • Extraction Rate – Determines how much moisture can be extracted from the air in 24 hours under industry standard conditions of 30°C and 80% Relative Humidity.
  • Tank Capacity in Litres – The capacity determines how much water can be extracted from the air before the dehumidifier will turn itself off and need emptying.
  • Anti Frost – Whether the unit can self defrost itself when running in cold temperatures (under 5°C) or at least turn itself off under these conditions. Compressor free units have no need of an anti frost feature due to the different technology used.
  • Continuous Drainage – Can the unit be hooked up to a length of hose to enable to the unit to run 24 hours a day without need to be emptied as the moisture is drained from the other end of the hose, into a drain for example.
  • Price – The exact best price changes frequently based on availability and any special promotions for example, however roughly speaking you’d be looking at… £ = under £60, ££ = £60 to £130, £££ = £130 to £160, ££££ = £160 to £200 and £££££ = £200 plus.
Dehumidifier ModelExtraction RateTank CapacityAnti FrostContinuous DrainagePriceRating
Prem-I-Air 20L/day203YY£££4.8
ECO DD322FW Desiccant103.5Not NeededY££££4.6
Meaco Dehumidifier 10L Per Day102yy££4.6
Prem-I-Air Advanced Compact Series121.5yn££4.5
Duracraft DD-TEC10E Dehumidifier102.9yy£££4.5
EcoAir Desiccant DD122FW Simple72Not Neededy£££4.4
Desiccant DD122FW MK5 Classic with Ioniser & Silver Filter72Not Neededy£££4.4
Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E16V-E1164yy£££££4.4
500ml AirPro Mini Compact Air0.250.5nn£4.3
ELA RD12D Digital Dehumidifier122ny££4.3
Dimplex DXDH10N Forte Freestanding102.3yy££4.2
De'Longhi DES12 Compact Dehumidifier123yy£££4.2
Prem-I-Air 1608E Elite Mini Portable0.62.2Not Neededn£4.2
Ebac 2650e Dehumidifier183.5yy£££££4.1
Air De-Humidifier Mini0.250.5nn£4
De'Longhi DNC65 Compressor Free Compact62Not Neededy£££4
'El Poquito' Mini Peltier0.250.5Not Neededn£4
Desiccant ECO DD322FW Classic103.5Not Neededy££££4
Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E16VX-E1164yy£££££4
Meaco DD122FW-MK4 Dehumidifier92Not Neededy£££4
De'Longhi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier102yy££3.9
Dehumidifier DD122FW-Mk472Not Neededy£££3.9
De'Longhi DES14 Compact143yy££££3.8
Duracraft DD-TEC10E102.9yy£££3.8
Gold-tec Compact Mini Air Dehumidifier0.30.5nn£3.6
De'Longhi DES16E Compact163yy££££3.6
Prem-I-Air Compressor Free Mini0.352Not Neededn£3.5
Ebac 2850E Dehumidifier213.5yy£££££3

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