AirPro 500ml Mini Compact Air Dehumidifier Review

AirPro 500ml Mini Compact

Today we take a look at one of the up comers in the world of dehumidifiers and that is the mini-dehumid, these smaller scale solutions are great for travel use or for use in smaller spaces such as the car. Compact and powerful these units are growing in popularity, not just for their entry level prices either. We will examine this product by looking at its product features compared to the reviews the product has been given to give an overall review of the product.

Product Features

The 500ml AirPro Mini was designed to work well in small spaces that may have an issue with too much moisture such as kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. It has a compact design that makes it simple to store and keeps it out of the way when in use. The product works within a 64-foot radius and not only fights against bad odours but also the usual build up of mold and moisture inside of your home. The AirPro Mini has a 500 ml water tank that collects up to 250ml of water a day under standard conditions, which might seem small compared to the larger scale units, considering the size it’s not that bad at all. The product also helps you cut back on your electric bill by shutting down when the water tank is full to prevent any accidental overspill. The AirPro Mini Compact operates on a quiet fan to keep the product from disturbing the members of your household in your day-to-day activities.


AirPro Mini CloseupMany customers were impressed by the compact size of the 500ml AirPro Mini Compact Air Dehumidifier and were impressed by how something so small could work so effectively. These mini dehumidifiers are great for on the spot use in emergencies. They found the small size simple to store and enjoyed that it was not in the way when it was in use. It’s straightforward design means the product is simple to use and easy to empty when the tank is full of water. A big selling point amongst reviewers was how much water is was able to remove and that the shut off switch prevented the system from being operated when the tank was full. This helped prevent unnecessary charges to the electric bill and keeps the product from burning out in the long run.


Some people were not satisfied with the amount of water that this mini dehumidifier was collecting. The problem with these complaints is that they may not have fully read the product description and may be attempting to use the product in a larger room than what it is capable of effectively extracting moisture from. There where a few complaints about the humming noise the units emits when in use, which whilst certainly not as loud as larger units it is an unusual noise, though i dare say given time it would drift off into background noise and barely be noticed.


No product is perfect, so you are bound to find a bad review every now and then. However for the most part the AirPro Mini has been well received and is a great dehumidifier for small areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. However you need to keep this in mind when reviewing, as it will struggle to handle large amounts of moisture in a large room.  That said, it’s easy to operate, which is good for people who may not be the most technologically advanced. Overall, the 500ml AirPro Mini Compact Air Dehumidifier seems like a great humidifier for those who need moisture help in small rooms.

You can see just how well the AirPro Mini stacks up against similar models over at our comparison chart here.

4 / 5 stars     

2 Responses to “AirPro 500ml Mini Compact Air Dehumidifier Review”

  1. I purchased one of these airpro mini dehumidifiers for my caravan unfortunately it failed after about 3 months i was informed by the company that the board will fault if its get too cold in the space its working in which happened to be my caravan this i did not read up on so my fault

  2. Sorry to hear about that Dennis, normally dehumidifiers have a auto cut off switch to stop/prevent use when it’s too cold but i guess as one of the cheaper models around they had to compromise on the feature list somewhat. It’s always good to hear from other users though, no matter if their experience is good or bad hopefully someone else will find your information of benefit.

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